Won't boot up first time, but sometimes 2nd or 3rd

Looked around the forum and couldn't find anything immediate that answered the problem I was having, so I decided to post my own one.

Now before you tell me to look through this, I already have and couldn't find anything that I was doing wrong - though I don't have a speaker in my case, so I wouldn't be hearing anything:

So getting down to the problem at hand; When I press the power button on my computer, the fan LED's turn on and spin, the monitors get a signal, but it's just black, I haven't looked inside, but it also sounds like the CPU fan is spinning too, so what I'm guessing is that the whole system is receiving power. Now what happens next is it will turn off and all the fans stop spinning and my monitors turn off, but a couple of second later it will turn the computer back on (like it's done a restart) and either do the same thing again, or load the bios and boot up the computer.
Generally it only does it once, but on occasion is will do it a couple of times before booting up the computer.

So what does the problem sound like to you, again I don't have a system speaker (but I may be able to find one from all the things we have lying around in the garage if it IS needed). Would be greatly appreciated to figure out this problem, 'cause right now the computers usable, but I'm a bit worried to use it when booting up.

Thanks all!

Found out that the computer doesn't handle standby very well either. What it does; the computers in standby, I press a mouse button, keyboard or the power button, the computer will recieve power and just sit on a blank screen, or it will restart and then sit on a blank screen. So I have to hold the power button to get it to power off, then I turn on the computer again and it resumes windows... any thoughts anyone?


- Intel i5 2500K
- Asus P8Z68-V-LE
- G.Skill Ripjaws X 8GB
- Antec TruPower 650W
- MSI HD 4670 512MB
- Corsair Micro 120GB Force Series 3
- Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB
- Pioneer DVD Drive
- Antec 1100 Case with Upgraded Fans
- Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
- Razer Deathadder V2
- Razer Lycosa Mirror
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    Good post.

    Quite interesting, as we were just today discussing updating the checklist to include this behavior.

    Most modern boards do this double or triple post. Yes, when it persists it's a symptom of something wrong.

    When it does it the first time after a board has lost standby power, because the PSU was unplugged or switched off, or because of an AC power interruption, that is fine and normal.

    When this occurs in other circumstances it's an indication that something is failing the POST (Power On Self Test). The most likely suspect is the memory... not because it is bad but because the board is not using the correct settings to run it.

    You can manually adjust the RAM settings in the BIOS. You may also need to do a BIOS update, but you need to be aware that any BIOS update carries some risk of failure and is never done lightly. And always done according to manufacturer instructions.

    An overclock that is not working fully is also a possibility.

    It can also be a board defect.

    So, eliminate the obvious problems first. Then if it's still going on, contact the knowledgeable guys at Asus support.

    If you go into your support call armed with knowledge you'll get quickly routed to a real tech that knows something.
  2. Quote:
    Quite interesting, as we were just today discussing updating the checklist to include this behavior.

    Coincidence, I think not! Haha, funny how those things happen.

    An overclock that is not working fully is also a possibility.

    Wouldn't be an option as I'm not overclocking, but I'll keep it in mind if I ever do OC

    You may also need to do a BIOS update

    So it seemed that a bios update fixed it. I was going to to a bios update when I first got the computer, but the Asus update utility wasn't connecting to the server, so I didn't both. So when you suggested the bios update, I decided just to go to the site... easier. So it installed all fine, and I'm not having the problem anymore, though, the first time I booted up, windows booted up, and I logged in, then it got to the desktop and basically did nothing. Only the sound icon was in the task bar, and I tried to open task man but alas, to no success... so I made sure I plugged my reset button into the motherboard properly, and it booted up again with no problems.

    On a side note, though the bios is working fine now, it takes longer to load. What I mean by this is; when you press the power button, there is delay between the power being received and the bios screen coming up and loading (so the screens are blank for a couple of seconds before the bios is displayed). Doesn't make much of a difference in my life (as it's only a couple of seconds which is still 75% faster then my old setup), but does it mean something was done incorrectly or is it normal for new computer? - my last setup was a Pentium D...

  3. If everything else is fine and it's just a few seconds, it's probably OK.Glad it's sorted out :)
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  5. Hi guys,

    Try this got to (Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options) submenu left hand side select (choose what the power button do)

    in shutdown setting (uncheck turn on fast startup option).

    hope so this will solve the problem.
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