GTX 480 + ? in SLI

Hello everyone,

I have a single GTX 480 and have wanted to go SLI for quite some time, but moreso with BF3 and Skyrim (I want Ultra mode!). Could I get some opinions? First of all, can you SLI a 570 or 580 with a 480? I can't find what the final verdict was from NVidia on that. Secondly, if you can, should I go for the similar performance of the 570 with less RAM, or go with the same amount of RAM and get the 580? I will also be upgrading my PSU of course :)

Thanks for your input!
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  1. Well I just answered one of my questions: NVidia's SLI FAQ says that you can't pair two cards with different amounts of RAM, so I'd have to go with the GTX 580. So I guess what I need to know is if it's worth doing that, or just dumping the 480 altogether and going with dual 570s?

    If I have to do that, perhaps it's worth it to wait for the next-generation architecture, or even the one coming in 2013 and just build a completely new PC!
  2. Second question answered: Can't pair two different GPUs either. I think the 580 is different enough than the 480 that it will not work. Thanks for everyone's help ;)
  3. Yep, that's what I'm thinking. If I can find another 480 it might be worth it, but then I'd need to beef up the PSU too, so forward thinking here is key. If a single 480 is good in Skyrim, I think I'll wait for the 6 or even 7 series and go completely insane on my next rig.
  4. A single GTX 480 good in Skyrim ? huh ????
    The GTX 570 is almost a modified GTX 480 and 5-10% faster than it.
    The recommended GPU for Skyrim is a GTX 260...........

    And you're right about GTX 480 SLI, they will consume a lot of power and run hotter.
    Better wait for the 600 series and Upgrade to a high end GPU.
  5. PC Power and Cooling 750 watt...not quite enough for SLI 480s. By good, I meant for Ultra settings ;)
  6. whats your native resolution?
  7. 1920x1080. The thing is, I can peg this card with Oblivion in certain scenarios. I hope Skyrim runs better than Oblivion :)
  8. You're downgrading from the GTX 480 Value when you compare it in a game like Skyrim, the recommended GPU was HD 4890 and GTX 265. GTX 480 is an overkill for it.

    BF3 clearly stated that the recommended card is GTX 560 or HD 6950. And i completed it with my HD 6950 @ 40+ FPS
  9. Quote:
    Wrong the 570 is on percentage 1% faster and sometimes slower in a lot of cases.

    I remember i read somewhere, i guess on "techspot" that it was a faster than GTX 480 by 5-10% and faster than GTX 470 by 22-25%.
    Didn't check a lot of reviews on the GTX 570 vs 480, so i took the info from the source and believed it.
    My apology then for the miss-leading.
  10. So I got Skyrim and so far a single GTX 480 at 1080p Ultra settings with 4xAA 16xAF 4xTSAA, I'm pretty sure I sit around 30fps and dip down to 15fps every so often. I think just for the extra oomph factor I'd still like to SLI to keep it at 60fps.

    To add to this, Tom's did an article on Skyrim performance, as most of you have probably read, and the GTX 570 was pulling less than 60fps at the same settings described above. With VSync enabled (forced in the game), that should drop to about 30fps, correct? Not sure what Triple Buffering would do here, but it's worth FRAPSing I think.
  11. at 1080p?
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