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i am about to build my first gaming computer (desktop) and I just wanted to make sure that all the components that I have chosen will work and that there arnt any issues...


MoBo: Gigabyte P67A - UD3P - B3 (can this mobo supprt 64 bit? ive tried to research it but cant find anything about it?? any info would help thanks)

GPU: ASUS GTX 560 ti

CPU: Intel i5 2500k

HDD: 500gb Barracuda

RAM: G-Skill Sniper 8gb

Cheers, : )
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  2. 64 bit is no problem (the mobo is not an issue, just make sure all your drivers are 64 bit). What power supply are you using? All looks good. If you plan on getting involved with a large library of pictures and or music, you might consider a 1T HDD.
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    The build looks fine to me, though what I would suggest is going for one of the new Asus motherboards, they have something called UEFI for their bios, which is much better than the standard at the moment.
    Advantages: You can use the mouse to navigate through (which is really weird for me being so used to using the keyboard), and is also a lot quicker to load than the standard bios.
    UEFI has only started making it to home computers recently, and as far as I've seen, Gigabyte has no support for it, whereas Asus does.

    Also, if you're rich enough, consider grabbing an SSD, no point spending heaps of cash on a good processor, RAM and good Graphics Card if your system is bottlenecked by your HDD. And is the HDD 32mb cache, or 64mb cache... and I assume 7200RPM?

    Just some friendly suggestions :)
  4. Yes if money is not a problem, a SSD for mounting the OS will speed up the system noticeably. I would personally choose a Samsung spin point for the HDD as I have found them to be one of the most reliable and fastest in real world use. GL with the build keep us posted.
  5. thanks for your responses, im going to revise my build, and look into putting in a SSD as well as look at the ASUS mobos. thanks :)
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