Asrock/corsair ram compatibility

i checked out the mobo's ram compatibility list and didn't see the ram i want to get there...does anyone know if this ram will work with the asrock z77 extreme4 intel lga 1155 mobo?
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    It should work fine, but you may want to adjust the speed of the REM in the BIOS
  2. yeah i was thinking i was going to have to do that, i was looking at the details and couldn't find why it wouldn't be listed as compatible, but then again, they only post what's been tested, and i highly doubt they're still testing ram for that board lol

    i just couldn't pass up the price, with the promo code its $74 USD out the door {=^.^=}
  3. if anyone else uses this ram and mobo (or has tried) i'd appreciate the feedback
  4. I use GSkill RAM set at 2133 on my P67 Extreme6 mobo and no problems.
  5. sweet, the specs are all the same for whats compatible, i bought it, so i guess i gotta wait to try it lol
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