A disk read error occured. Please press Crtl+Alt+Del to restart.

So, I turned on my computer today to play a few games and it started to lag like crazy and eventually freeze. So I just turned off the monitor and went somewhere. 3-4 hours later, I came back to discover a message on my screen. It said "A disk read error occured. Please press Crtl+Alt+Del to restart."

I did this a few times and the now I'm at a screen with the title of "msi mainboard". Part of the screen is cut off so yeah...

Initializing USB Controllers .. Done.
*096MB OK
USB Device(s) : 1 keyboard, 1 mouse
Auto-Detecting IDE Master .. ATAPI CDROM
Auto-Detecting IDE Slave... ATAPI CDROM
Auto-Detecting SATA1 .. Hard Disk
Auto-Detecting SATA3 .. Hard Disk
Ultra DMA Mode-2
IDE Slave : HL-DT-ST DVD+/-RW GWA4164B D10B
Ultra DMA Mode-2
SATA3 : WDC WD1600JS-75NCB1 10.02E01
Ultra DMA Mode-5, S.M.A.R.T Capable and Status OK
Auto-Detecting USB Mass Storage Devices ..enter Boot Menu
*0 USB mass storage devices found and configured.

*rd Master Hard Disk Error
Press F1 to Resume

Where the *'s are means I couldn't make out that word.

Please help! I just got it fixed of another problem 2 days ago!

Anyways, after typing all that, I pressed F1 and it brought me to a Windows XP loading screen (must've booted from my hard drive that has WinXP) but now it's stuck on a black screen. :sweat:
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  1. Tap F8 on startup, and boot to safe mode with command prompt. At the command line, type chkdsk /r and press enter. Press Y to schedule a check disk on restart. It will scan your hard drive for errors, and try to fix them. Make sure to pay attention to which drive it's set to scan (C, D, E..etc).
  2. cable problem or power problem or as anonymous1 said hdd has failed
  3. It may or might not be the hard drive failing, to test this download the manufacturers of the failing hard drive diagnostic software from their web site. Other causes of this error could be corrupted disk information, use chkdsk to check, a faulty SATA port, try connecting the drive to another SATA connector, a virus infection do a virus scan with the free Malwarebytes, or faulty memory, run memtest86 overnight.
  4. I'm not sure if my hard drive failed or is just corrupt because I managed to boot into my WinXP hard drive after several attempts an ran a check on my main hard drive, it seemed to be fine and I got back into my main hard drive. After an hour, maybe less, the hard drive failed again. And honestly, I don't wanna repeat that process again...

    So any good hard drives that are durable?
  5. Did you run the chkdsk with the /r switch? If not, it didn't repair the errors.

    I've always had great luck with Western Digital hard drives. Tho, with HDD prices high, it might be better to look at SSDs.
  6. I don't think I did, I'll be sure to do that though.

    Not too much into SSD's :/ ,I got the money for a new hard drive... Hopefully.
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