Computer turns on then off

After a power surge the other day my computer now only turns on for a second then turns off.

I've changed the parts one by one and know 100% it is the motherboard causing the problem,
My question is there anytng you can do to try and fix the mobo or is it toast and just worth getting new one?
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  1. Well it would either be the psu or the motherboard. If you are sure that its the mobo, theres nothing you can really do since the capacitors are probably fried.
  2. -Sorry for double post-
  3. Probably toast.

    I highly recommend an UPS (uninterrupted power supply).

    Condolences, better luck.
  4. If your mobo has dust on it than it may have short circuit and resulted in no boot. specially when in humid atmosphere the the problem can be more severe.
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