Crossfire 5870 screen tearing while playing flash video

Hi guys

I was wondering if anyone out there could help me out with an issue I've been having. Just recently I crossfired two 5870's. As the title says, I'm experiencing screen tearing, but ONLY while playing videos on sites like youtube. I've updated to the latest ATI drivers and profiles, also the latest version of flash. And there's no tearing when playing games or playing video through things like VLC.

I have no idea what is going on. I've seen around that quite a few people have had some issues when crossfiring two of these cards and they've suggested some fixes and none of them have helped.

Any ideas you guys can throw at me would be amazing.

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  1. Enable Vsync.
  2. Force Enabling V.Sync in the CCC it's under Gaming tab.
  3. Forced wait for vertical refresh to always on, and it's still doing it. Any other ideas?
  4. DVI. I'm also using two monitors.
  5. Just out of interest, what will that change?
  6. Hmm okay. I'll go pick up some HDMI cables and give that a shot.
  7. No good. It's still flickering like mad during flash videos. I should mention it's only the one screen also. Never both.
  8. Upgrade to the latest CCC 11.10 and give a shot. Are you sure you have screen tearing ? Do you see it in games or other videos ? can you link the flash videos ?
  9. Its any flash video, and no games. And yeah, I'm certain it's screen tearing. I'm running the latest CCC and the latest profile.
    Something that happens is that if I'm playing the flash video on the primary monitor, the secondary one is tears, and if I play the flash video on the secondary the primary tears.
  10. I've also just finished trying out some stress testing in GPUTool, and Furmark and there's no artifacting occurring.
  11. Like is there any reason for me to have two screens? I use two screens for workflow reasons, and it makes my job and learning much easier
  12. Hmmm that's also an option I guess. I don't know a massive amount about screen tearing, is there any damage being done when it happens or is it just a graphical anomaly?
  13. Hmm that's good. Any other ideas on a fix? I'm turning off a monitor for the time being but it'd be nice not to have it happening at all...
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