990fx-ud7 w/storm scout 2 case SLEEP PROBLEM

So I have the 990fx-UD7 Gigabyte board connected to the CM storm scout 2 case the power button is connected to the board correctly and turns the power on just fine. however when i tell the computer to go to sleep it does so without a hitch but then when i shake the mouse or hit the power button again to bring it out of sleep it will not return and boot up without a hard reset and a full boot. I was reading that it could possibly be the ram but my ram is not overclocked and is running stock 32GB at 1333 and i have no problems with it either. could this be a problem with my settings in win 7 or do you guys think its a problem with the way i have the power button connected to the board or possibly something else. little help would be appreciated thanks!
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  1. Try this: go to Device manager>Mice and other pointing devices>right click on mouse option and select properties>power management tab>see "Allow this device to wake up the computer". you need check the option so that be able to wake up your computer by moving or clicking your mouse.

    Also maybe the power plan setting or RAM problem too.
  2. i will try what that link you sent me says.. I'll report what happens
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