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Hello to the community.
I was looking for some information or advise on an old system upgrade to run Linux Xubuntu on.
My machine or two should i say for my kids to use, only 7 years plus, well its a Compaq Ipaq light legacy Pentium III 500 MHz, i have found some 700 MHz CPU's and there the same, ive looked around the site for info, my wall ive hit is first do i need a bios update ? and i will post the two CPU's for comparison. Bit more info, FSB 100 MHZ current CPU's are 500 MHZ Pentium III 100 FSB L2 256 1.65 Volts.

It would be nice to say they would go in no problem, but ive got the feeling its not that easy.
Both machines have Windows XP and run, well slow, i thought a light Linux like Xubuntu or Puppy.

Any help really appreciated Thanks.

CPU links spec.



Thanks for looking in.

Dave. :)
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  1. Always do a bios update anyway before upgrading CPUs like that. Make sure that the motherboard is compatible with those processors, as OEM manufacturers used to make sure they were limited on upgradeability.

    However, I've done the same as you, taken a 450 Mhz P3 and upgraded to a 700 Mhz Pentium 3. It was nice. I didn't need to do a BIOS update, however 700 Mhz was the highest I could go before having to do so. So it really depends on the maker. I still suggest doing a BIOS update though.
  2. Thanks phyco126 for your reply and help.
    The mobo is the original Compaq ipaq, the first of the two cpu links the 500 MHZ cpu is the one its running at the moment, the second link cpu is my intended replacement upgrade, as cooling is minimal in these machines i thought that might also be an issue, the extra 200 MHZ and generating the extra wattage, the only cooling is relying on the atx psu's axial fan, kind of duel purpose to cool the psu and the cpu, i think its space saving in the design of the unit, but the 700 MHZ version is the same design, but i don't know if that model incorporated and extra cpu fan.

    Anyway i am going to give it a go, and will post back the results, good i hope, as some one else might want to do some thing like it, and my attempts and info might help others trying it, ok thanks for your help there, be back with results in a day or two. :)

  3. Sounds good. However, if cooling is a problem, you can get a pretty good case fans for a few dollars off Newegg.com
  4. I would love a trip to the US Pounds Sterling UK Boring country but i am stuck with it.
    Yes there is room for a 40 - 50 mm axial fan in there and i am sure ive seen extra fan support on the mobo.
    Back here with a result i hope in a day or so, just waiting on the processors. :)
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