Looking for advice on CPU, notherboard, and memory

Hi guys I'm working on my first build I already have everything except for the CPU, and motherboard I was thinking about the asus Maximus gene IV
And intel i5 2400 or 2500k the rest of my build is
Case:Cooler Master Storm Enforcer
Gpu: GeForce Gtx 560ti
Psu: thermaltake 600w
Operating system: windows 7 professional 64 bit

Any opinions are appreciated thanks
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  1. I wasn't going to over clock and I have about 500-600 dollars. I would like to be able to play battlefield 3, skyrim etc.
  2. What if I was to go the amd route any suggestions on what components I would need I was looking at maybe the phenom II black procceser but I have little experience with amd and their products
  3. Ok then I will stick to the core i5 and look for a cheaper motherboard. Themselves for the help.
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