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I plan on getting my dad an Eyefinity set up for Christmas this year. The only game I imagine him playing will be BF3. I don't need it to run at ultra, but high would be nice. Because of the mobo he has it will only take up to 2x cards in crossfire. Was thinking 3x24" acer monitors. So my question really comes down to will 2x 6850s 1gig be able to run it at those settings or will I need to step up to a more expensive card?

I checked the BF3 guide on this side but it didn't show benchmarks for 3x monitors and being an Nvidia user I'm new to this whole eyefinity thing.

Thanks for any help you could give.
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    Assuming the Acers are 1080p, I feel that a 6950 2GB card may do better that Cross-fired 6850's. The extra GB of video ram will help a 5760 x 1080 Eyefinity display run smoother on higher game settings. This would leave you with an added ~$120.00 expense and an extra 6850. But would also allow better GPU cooling and eliminate any Cross-fire issues that many high end gamers have experienced.
    Also, since the 6850s' Crossfired would only yeild 1GB video memory, you could try the single 6850 first, and see how that goes.
  2. I am rather worried about cooling because his case is a mid tower with less than mind blowing airflow so a single card would be preferable, and looking and newegg 2x 6850 are about the same price as a single 6950, but would a single card be able to handle 3 monitors?
  3. A single 6950 2gb will easily handle three monitors.
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  5. Ok, thanks for your help.
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