My NEC1760v review and a QUESTION!?

I am sorry for using the word review...i dont have the knowldge or the skills to properly test out an LCD this are more of a personal comments made by a gamer and pretty much just an averege computer user. I bought NEC1760v (black case) the colors are beatiful, the defualt brightness will cause you to go blind, but brightness and contrast are easy to adjust, if you download the free software from NEC website. At first i was worried about ghosting, because if you start moving the mouse pointer, fast around the desktop, or scroll down the webpage fast you can see the afterimage clearly, but its not the case with games. I plaied CS, BF1942 and NFS5 and did not ntoice any ghosting problems what so ever, i guess if you look hard enough you can see someting, but you will have to look REALLY hard. Its a great LCD and it does not disappoint.

Here the question i have about this LCD and LCD's in general. The suggested resloution for optimum performance is 1280 / 1024 in this case. I personally like to have my desktop at a lower resolution becasue everything is just too small. And because i have a ( P4 1.8 , GeForce3Ti200, 256DDR ram) i can not play my favorite game, BF1942 at a 1280 / 1024 resolution in a 64 player server i have no choice but to turn it down. So prety much i keep my LCD at a lower resolution then suggested All the time. My question is, how damaging is it for an LCD monitor to be at a lower then suggested resolution all the time? Should i not do this and try to keep it at 1280 /1024 at all times? ( company made it seem so important by putting a Reslution Notice that pops up all the time, until you turn it off in the option manu) PLZ answer me if you know someting about this, its a brand new LCD and i dont want it to go out of comission to fast.

Thanx in advance.

If you have any questions about NEC1760V, or know some tests that you would like to do to test it out, tell me about it, i would not mind finding out myself. And will post about it if you want too.
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  1. It won't damage your LCD monitor if you lower the resolution from the suggested (native) one. You will just get somewhat blurry image on the screen.

    BTW, is your NEC1760v the one with 16ms response time? Did you say scrolling has ghosting problem?
  2. Glad to know i wont damage it...

    Well i checked the official NEC site and thier detailed specs for 1760v black, say that it has a 16 ms response time. The actual manual that came with the monitor, does not talk about response time at ALL not even a hint they dont even mantion in in the specs in the manual. Scrolling down a web page really fast i get ghosting ( maybe because of 60 mhz refresh rate), but i am still guessing it is 16 ms like the website said, because i have no ghosting in the games like CS and BF1942 or while playing DVD's.
  3. On LCD monitors the pixel pitch multiplied by the resolution defines the screen size of all LCD monitors. Thus they are a fixed or native resolution devices. For example a 15” LCD has a pixel pitch of 0.3mm and 1024 horizontal resolution. 1024 x 0.3 = 307mm horizontal. 768 x 0.3 = 230mm. Using Pythagorean theory this works out to 15” Diagonal.

    Since LCD monitors have a fixed number of cells or pixels across and down the screen the electronics in the monitor must scale the image up or down when you change off of the native resolution. The scaling is relatively easy if you are dividing or multiplying by 2 (going from 1280 to 640 for example, the height and width of the pixels are halved) but difficult when scaling by a non-integer. When the scaling factor is not an integer its not possible to uniquely assign data to a singe pixel or cell. The mathematical rounding errors can create fuzziness or clarity problems you will see.

    While the scaling algorithms have gotten better there is still a noticeable degrading of image quality if you run off the native resolution. At least there is to me. Some people may not be as picky as I am as in the case you mention. It also depends on the application you use.

    The scaling affect will be much less noticeable in games, animation and applications where there is movement on the screen. However it will be very noticeable with static images like a document with text.

    For optimum image clarity always run your LCD monitor at its native resolution. Remember that most operating systems allow you to scale fonts and Icons to larger sized to offset the native resolution issue.

    If you want to test for dead pixels etc, try this monitor toolkit. Free no download required

    Jim Witkowski
    Chief Hardware Engineer

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  4. I also have a nec 1760nx monitor and have noticed the same afterimage/ghosting when scrolling in windows apps such as word and web browsers but it works great on games and havent noticed this problem in games which feature a lot of text.
    I have it set up as native resolution of 1280x1024 with large fonts and cleartype fonts enabled.
    just wondered if you were using DVI or Analog connection as I'm currently thinking about buying a DVI lead to see if it will get rid of the blurry text whilst scrolling and what colour and brightness settings are you using as I'm having trouble getting a clean white image.
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