Computer Shuts down Randomly?

Hello everyone & happy Easter,

As you can tell from the title, the computer shuts down. Here are the symptoms:

1. Whenever I play games on steam, the screen immediately slows down and suddenly turns off.

2. CPU Temperature
First 15 sec: 141.8 F
30s: 147.2 F
45s: 154.4 F
60s: 158.0 F
75s: 162.4 *Turned Off

3. CPU Usage Meter:
Turning On:
Core 1- 0%
Core 2- 2%
Core 3- 75%
Core 4- 18%
Ram- Not Taken

Loading Internet:
Core 1- 3%
Core 2- 1%
Core 3- 18%
Core 4- 14%
Ram- 19%

Playing on Steam:
Core 1- 29%
Core 2- 72%-92$
Core 3- 93%
Core 4- 92%
Ram- Not Taken

After Steam:
Core 1- 87%
Core 2- 94%
Core 3- 89%
Core 4- 53%
Ram- 30%

My brother and I built this computer six months ago. The problem didn't occur until a week ago.

What is the likely problem? Any solutions?
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  1. It depends on your hardware. It could be a PSU issue or if you have a certain CPU, it could be overheating and turning itself off.
  2. How do I differentiate between PSU Issue and overheating CPU?
  3. What are your system specs?

    Also, you can download temperature monitoring tools for your GPU and your CPU. Your GPU could be overheating, shutting your computer off, or it could be your CPU. Run the temperature monitoring and watch them very closely, writing down the temperatures that the computer shuts off at. Make sure you log the temps in Celsius too, not Fahrenheit. It'll save us (me) some math to convert XD.
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