Is my new motherboard compatible with my power supply??

I bought the Asus M5A97
and the Cooler master extreme power plus 500w
Are they compatible? The MB has an 8 PIN EATX 12v Connection, the PSU has 4+4 pin ATX 12v. Do they connect to eachother?.
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  1. The cpu cooler plugs in to a 4 pin fan header [ usually on the top edge of the mb near the processor ]

    The power supply connects to the mb via two cables . One has a 20 +4 connector .

    The second supplies power to the cpu and it is 4 pin , 4 + 4 pin, or 8 pin .
    You have the 8 pin. It only fits one way .
  2. Okay but im still not sure.. I re edited my post to make more sense. Have a look
  3. Are they going to work with eachother or do i have to get a EATX power supply??
  4. 4+4 just means that your power supply could be used on older boards with just 4 pin power requirements but on the newer boards that want 8, you can combine them side by side and make it all happen still (or 8 pin power).

    So you will be able to do this as long as your case can fit the board because EATX is Extended ATX and larger physically in size.
  5. Okay great that is what i needed to know. Thanks
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