Hows this build to start out with?

Ok so I recently decided to build a new PC and to help fund it I decided to sell my current PC. The person who is buying it wants to buy it tomorrow and I don't quite have the money for my new build yet. However, I will have enough to get just enough of the hardware to have a running PC. So I wanted to quickly get some advice here and make sure I haven't made any bad choices in my hurry.

Cooler Master Storm Enforcer Link
ASRock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3
Hitachi 500GB 7200RPM (The mobo and hard drive are in a combo deal with 30 dollars off) Link
Intel Core i5 2500k Link
G.Skill Sniper Low Voltage Series 8GB 1600 Link
Thermaltake Black Widow 850W Link
Samsung Blu-Ray Combo Link
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO Link

I plan to add a HD 6970 or a 7970 (depending on the price and my patience) and a second one later on for Xfire.
I plan to OC the CPU to about 4.0GHz
I also plan to add a 128GB SSD Probably a Crucial M4
And of course I'll be adding a second 200mm fan and replacing the 120mm exhaust fan with a better one.
This build will mostly be used for gaming as well as programming/web design.

The two main concerns that I can think of are: Will this case provide sufficient cooling for these components (I may also add a PCI slot fan)
And is that HD any good? I've read mixed reviews about Hitachi but the 30 dollars off was a good deal. If I go with a better HD though I'll have to drop the Hyper 212 EVO for now. Am I just being worried?

Do you spot anything that I may have overlooked? Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!
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  1. Thermaltake makes poor PSUs, get an XFX instead.

    The Hitachi drive should be fine.

    Storm Enforcer is an OK case.

    You could get this case instead if you want:

    I have one and I love it.
  2. Yeah, I switched the PSU to a OCZ Fatal1ty 850W

    If I can work it into my budget what brand(s) of hard drive would you suggest?

    I would like to have a side panel window. I don't quite like the looks of that case anyway. Besides it has 2 total USB ports compared to the 4 on the Storm Enforcer and the Enforcer seems to have better air flow. The front USB is also a pass through not a 20pin connector. (I'm extremely picky about the case and I don't know why though I admit that the Storm Enforcer isn't the best case I've seen, it seems to be the best bang for the buck)
  3. Seagate and Western Digital comprise almost all of the hard drive market between the two of them. It is for a reason.
  4. That PSU isn't modular. According to both the OCZ and the XFX are "tier II" units. So I feel alright going with the OCZ over the XFX.

    That case looks nice I'll check out some reviews. I read good reviews about the Storm Enforcer though, why's everyone telling me to get something else?
  5. I think you will find 99% of the people around here feel that Seasonic (XFX) is at least 1 tier above OCZ.

    OCZ is where you go when you want to sacrifice a little bit in PSU quality in order to get modular cabling.

    As for why people are telling you to get a different case... I guess others think less of it than you do.

    Cooler Master is a good case brand, but its more the HAF line that people mention more often like the HAF 932 or HAF X. That being said, I think Lian Li is usually also considered a tier above Cooler Master generally. Cooler Master supplies the whole range of cases including the terrible ones whereas Lian Li only really caters to the mid to high end. Different mindset I guess.
  6. Here's an XFX that is semi-modular which is better than not modular at all. It's 30 bucks more than the OCZ but it has a 30 dollar rebate. I'll probably just go with this one.

    As far as Lian Li being a tier above Cooler Master, I agree. However at that price point your not going to get a Lian Li. Your getting a Lancool which is their subsidiary. Still good cases but I wouldn't say Lancool is a tier above Cooler Master.

    I know most people suggest the HAF series for air cooling but personally they are some of the ugliest cases I've seen. The Storm Enforcer is the same inside as a HAF 912 or maybe 932 I don't remember which. It just looks way better on the outside. My only question about the case though was if it has good air flow/cooling capability. I'm getting suggestions for other cases but no reasons why they're better than the Storm Enforcer.
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