Sata drive and dvd burner not always recognized on secondary ide channel

I have a dell dim. 2350 that i revived a few years ago. I have since added an old pata hd(as the slave on primary channel), and also a wd 120 gig hd(master) and lite-on dvd-rw drive(slave) on the secondary channel. Had to buy ide to sata adapters and everything worked correctly for a while, but recently i had to clean install xp home, now bios never recognizes both (secondary devices) together(most of the time neither!). BTW both drives have showed in "my computer" when neither showed in bios many times even b4 clean install! Dont care much to see in bios as long as i can access them in windows. Flashed the bios to newest version(A02), bios still only recognizes one or the other every once in a while! Just need to consistently see both sata drives in "my computer"! Any help much appreciated!! (Sorry for the complicated explanation)
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  1. what happens if you put the dvd drive as slave in first channel with the one that have the os and leave the wd 120 on the second channel ?
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