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USB 3.0 external to internal adapter. Which one is right?

My new build is almost flushed out. I just need some clarification about my USB 3 pass through solution.

The case I'm buying comes with two front USB 3 ports utilizing the pass through set up. I found a couple adapters that can be used to plug said ports straight into the mobo internal USB 3.0 connectors.

USB 3.0 A Female to Box Header 20pin Male Adapter

Silverstone 120mm External to Internal 19 pin USB3.0 Adapter Cable

The mobo I'm getting comes with two USB 3 internal connectors. So, should I get two Female to Box Header Male Adapters, or just the one Silverstone Adapter Cable?

Would the Silverstone cable be a bottleneck if both front USB 3 ports where used at the same time?
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More about external internal adapter right
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    just the second one mate,
    and no, no bottleneck, every usb 2/3 panel I've ever seen in cases only uses a single plug for two usb ports, its normal
  2. Thanks dude!

    I was hoping that would be the case. It's more convenient that way.
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  4. No probs man, and thank you for B.A
  5. Those parts are no longer available (the monoprice part) so I am providing another link that has the USB3 ICC connector straight to USB 3.0 male A connector.

    Just spreading the knowledge since I spent a long time trying to find that piece.
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