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Anyone know of a PSU that fits these Requirements

hey everybody

I'm currently making a new computer to fit in this computer case ( ), and am looking for a PSU that is in the 600W to 700W range, as it will have to run 2 Powercolor HD7750s and a Sound Card (not to sure which one yet) it will need the amount appropriate connections and I would prefer it to be fully modular as it is a really small case. Also, The Silverstone website said it had to be 150mm (W) x 86mm (H) x 140mm (D). This comes of a generic page on their website ( ) which isn't specifically listed on that case so I was wondering if it was true for this particular case?

Any input would be greatly Appreciated!
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    Just noticed this PSU, opinions? Have I missed something?
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    looking at the comments on newegg that case can take a full sized psu, ie any regular psu

    that last measurement is 160mm on a standard psu

    edit: that psu you listed there seems a touch expensive for what it is. u could get a cheaper antec or corsair with more wattage
  3. Why are you planning on building an XF system in a "really small case"?

    You will be better off buying one good $200 - $250 video card.

    And why, if you are economizing on video cards, are contemplating selecting such an expensive PSU?
  4. Erma? 7750s? is that a typo? Those are 60 Watt cards. They don't use pcie connectors. a 600 W PSU is massive overkill
  5. You don't need one that powerful. the 7750 doesn't even have a PCIe plug, so it uses less then 75W. Two in CF would probably use around 130W at most. Add in a 95W CPU and another 50W or so for the board, ram and everything else and you have a total draw of around 275W. Anything that can output 275W on its 12V rail(s) will be fine.

    Do a search on newegg for any modular PSU from Antec, Corsair, Enermax, Seasonic or XFX that is in the 400-500W range. That will be more then enough power.
  6. Thanks for info, was really freaking out for a minute. I'm gonna get 2 7750s coz I don't have the cash right now for an expensive card and am going to get both of them progressively and they're the cheapest PCIe3.0 cards on the market
  7. pay no attention to pcie 3.0. makes no difference

    the only thing 3.0 gives you is more bandwidth but you can rest assured those itty bitty cards wont even saturate pcie 2.0
  8. A single 6870 (less than $200) will absolutely crush a pair of 7750's. And you should be able to save around $50.
  9. jsc said:
    A single 6870 (less than $200) will absolutely crush a pair of 7750's. And you should be able to save around $50.

    Would he not be better off with a single 7870 or 7850 ?
  10. 7870 is out of this ballpark
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  12. The relevant point from Silverstone's webpage regarding PSU length:
    * The combined depth of power supply and optical drive cannot exceed 355mm

    taken from
  13. so basically this means that the power supply only has to fir the width and length and can have any depth so long as is dosent come into contact with the optical drive, right?
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