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Laptop or Desktop?
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  1. Mobility- laptop
    Stationary and performance- desktop
  2. Well I'm a freshmen in high school, I only play world of Warcraft , Minecraft, and browse The Internet. I have a budget of $1000. Do you recommend I get a laptop or desktop?
  3. Do you need a laptop in the classroom in the school you are attending?
  4. I guess desktop would be logical
  5. Can you recommend a good desktop for or under $800. I play World of Warcraft, Minecraft, and etc. I wanna play WoW on at least high. I also want Bluray capability (optional). I don't necessarily need a gaming desktop, a regular brand desktop such as asunder, Lenovo, or hp would suffice.
  6. You are old enough to build a desktop alone. Do it. You will find the skill is useful later in your life.
  7. $1000 would give you a VERY strong system.

    Go over to cyberpower. google them, also use the cyberpower foum on this site,

    Look at intel i5 based builds. The i5 will be i5-2300, i5-2400, i5-2500, i5-2500k. You want any of these, but should not be paying a big premium for any of them. Hold off overclocking until you can afford to fry a system -- i.e. don't do it.

    Look for a video card that is HD6850 or better. This article recommends cards, but more important -- the last page compares all cards so you can see which cards are teh same as HD6850 or better. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/fastest-graphics-card-radeon-geforce,3085-3.html

    I think you can find a great system for less than $1000. Try starting with a system with i5-2500K and step down to i5-2400, step down on MB to H61 no z68. Step up to hd6850 video = $900.

    Aside, See if you can get the change from $1000 put in a STEAM account for you (do you use STEAM, if not take a look. It beats the heck out of needing DVDs to play games and trying to remember where you put keys when you change PCS or wipe out a hard drive).

    EDIT: I picked intel i5 because 2 years from now you can slop in a new video card and play this system for another 2 years. IF you need to save $$ now, go to intel i3-2300 based system. That should knock another few hundred off price and still be strong enough to drive the 6850 for gameplay. It just won't have as long a life before it gets too slow. Avoid the new high end AMD 'bulldozer' based systems -- they have a few performance bugs to work out before you want to go there.

    EDIT 2: I see your budget went down from $1000 to $800. Go to the cyberpower forum adn ask over there what systems they recomend at that pricepoint.
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