AMD Phenom II X4 945 overheating

My PC ran into some trouble recently, as I have detailed in this thread :

I falsely believed it to be due to my new graphics card, because the problems started barely a month after installing it.

But I ran some tests and found out that it was my CPU causing problems. My AMD Phenom II was idling at ~60 deg C, and after running any intensive programs, the temperature was crossing 70 deg C and the PC was restarting.

It's been two years since I got this rig, so I guess my heatsink must have degraded. I want to know what kind of cooling solution to purchase for this situation.

EDIT : I would also like to know how badly I've damaged my CPU, seeing as it's been idling at 60 deg C from 2 weeks.
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  1. First, did you clean your CPU cooler? It is unlikely it got damaged if it still works. Good budget cooler If it fits your case CM212+
    If space is restricted then a little smaller
  2. I recently purchased this one:
    It keeps my PhenomII X4 to 30c or under while idle, and about 53c at full load with fan on low speed. Its easy to install, you dont have to remove the MB from the case
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