Help choosing power supply for my setup

I picked out a setup on newegg. You can view a picture here of my setup What would be a good power supply that could support this computer and also be power efficient. Also are all my parts I chosen compatible with each other for a micro atx case?
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  1. You can't run an intel processor on an amd one, and you can't sli 2 different cards.
  2. And the board isn't micro atx.
  3. Great lol moment.
    To be helpful you would need this motherboard to fit in an micro atx case.
    Also an i5-2500k would be better than that i7.
    For motherboard you will have to get on of these to be able to run CF/SLI
    You also need two sticks or memory.
    First two are 4GB kits. First one is 1333 speed second 1600 speed. The 1600 won't work on the MSI motherboard unless you adjust it in the bios.
    Last three are 8GB kits third down is 1333 speed. Fourth and fifth are 1600 speed but the fifth is temporarily on sale for 20% off making it cheaper to get than fourth but if you buy after the sale ends the fourth is still good.

    For a graphics card get one 560Ti for now and get a second later.
    This one is better than the next two
    but it your on a budget either of these will do
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