PLEASE help FaST!!!!!!!

help me decide between these 2.

I decided with this monitor at first.

But now i saw a special thats half the price of my previous choice.

Should i go with the special or isn't it as good as my first choice? Im looking for a good pc gaming monitor! Please help my decide the special ends in 4 days!

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  1. Good price! Jump!
  2. Go for it buddy... :)
  3. I went to the store and they only have 6 of them in stock! so im gone jump up real early!

    Thanks for the advice!
  4. They were sold out i got the bigger brother the 23" and it is 60hz and 2ms response time How will it run in gaming?
  5. With 2ms response time it will do fine.
  6. isnt that only the time it takes to change colour and the 60hz is the speed the screen refreshes?
  7. 60Hz is refresh and has been std for years. Slow response times used to create ghosting pretty much disappeared with today's fast response times.
  8. do you know if theres a big difference between a 60hz and the 120hz?
  9. There is a difference but most people do not notice.
  10. Thanks for your reply. I don't see the reason to pay 3 x more for a monitor if i maby wont even notice the difference.
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