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how to run recovery for netbook form pen drive .i have recovery disk.
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  1. I have two guesses what you are asking:
    1. Given you have a bootable CD, you want to instead recover using a USB flash drive -or-
    2. You just want to recovery from a broken hard drive.

    Cover 2. first:

    Not too hard. I assume the current hard drive is dead and you have a new one.

    Put new drive in laptop. Put recovery disk in CD drive. Power up. Follow the prompts for full, destructive recovery. Will take a while. Once recovered, get on the internet and goto windows update. Load one set of fixes. Reboot. Keep going back to windows update, you'll get many sets of updates. Do not hit web until you are patched, not safe. Also get your anti-virus up to speed the same way before surfing. If you don't have an anti-virus, 'Microsoft security essentials' is a free download. google it.

    If the new drive you are using was previously used then you need to make sure the boot order in the BIOS puts the CD drive ahead of the hard drive in the boot sequence. If the PC won't boot off the CDROM most likely the boot order in the BIOS is bad, check it.


    How to make bootable media on CDROM run from USB flash drive.

    There are unix based downloadable tools that let you put a CD's ISO image on a flash drive and then launch it as though it was booted from a CD drive.

    The steps would be
    1. Create an ISO from the recovery disk you have. Google to find tool to do that.
    2. Find and download a bootable USB image to a flash drive that support ISOs. I have one, but I don't remember where I downloaded it, and it's in the office. By googling found this, substitute your bootable ISO for the linux ISO. I've never used the Linux USB to install windows, instead used it to do hard drive flash/partition/run diag CDROM image. Here is another ref

    Good Luck. Post what you were trying to do, what you did and how it worked for the next person.
  2. In my case ...i have recovery disc i made iso image on USB by using magic iso software. but it dosent work.i also chnage boot order correctly but the message waa no opertaing system found.

    Is there a difference in making iso image of disc on pen drive and making that pendrive bootable with same iso image copies of disc....

    Thanks very much i m still wokring on it.
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  4. You can recover data from pen drive with some data recovery software, here's some good ones
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