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I commented on the thread for AsRock's ideas for motherboards (,11308.html). I tried to register once receiving my email but the following occurred:

When attempting to register with the below username and email, it would say that the email was already in use. I then tried to recover my password using my email (the same that I was just told was already in use) I was told that there was no record of an account using that email.

My post in the thread is now listed as anonymous, and is now tied for the highest upvoted suggestion. I would hate to not get credit for my idea. I have now been able to register but it was days after receiving the email asking me to register.



My post (09/17/2010 1:09 AM ):
A motherboard that has a utility built into the Bios to stress test your components. This would enable OCers to test their settings without having to constantly boot in their full OS. The UI for this stress test could also display pertinent information like voltages and temperatures.
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  1. I've re-assigned the post to your user.
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