Upgrading old packardbell pc! help please

hallo forum. first time posting here :)

please help with upgrading my packardbell pc.

current specs:

geforce 310
ii x2 215 processor
4 gb ram
300 watt psu

im not sure about my mobo.. in cpu-z it says:

model: media s1300 ( my imedia model is a4673)
chipset: nvidia mcp61
southbrigde: nvidia mcp61
lcpio: ite it8721

i cant really find facts about my mobo :/

well i want to upgrade to these specs:

geforce gtx 560 ti
ii x4 960t processor
8 gb ram if possible
500-600watt psu

possible or?

i will be buying Corsair Carbide 400R Midi case
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  1. The motherboard most likely won't support the 960T processor. Why not sell the old system and get a new motherboard that's 100% compatible with it? You're replacing almost everything else, so why not build a completely new system?
  2. getting a new motherboard that is working with amd3+, wont it add much more to the cost? do i have to buy new windows too then?

    just opened the imedia, and the socket only says amd2 so i guess thats it. isnt there any good amd 2 processors?
  3. Your version of Windows 7 might be tied to the Packard-Bell system, but it may also work with a new motherboard if you don't have to reinstall. Microsoft can tell you if it will work or not. Unless you know exactly what motherboard you have, there's no way to verify that it supports the 960T processor. I presume that you already determined that the Packard Bell motherboard can be installed in a standard ATX case?
  4. dont think it will support 960t since it only said amd2 when i opened the case earlier, but i still believe it will fit in a standard atx case, dont Remember why.. i think i saw some threads about similar mobo.. but now im not even sure it fits x)..
  5. I'm pretty sure that the 960T CPU won't work with your motherboard, therefore being able to install it in a new case is a moot point.

    Is this your system? http://archiwumallegro.pl/04_imedia_a4673_amd_athlon_4gb_640gb_nvidia-1716144628.html
  6. yes it is! thanks for the help so far!
  7. Contact Packard Bell to verify if it will support the 95W 960T because that info isn't available on their site.
  8. ok will do that, thanks! wil post when i got my answer from them
  9. actually i dont know thier email adress.. kinda hard to find.. any idea?

    pbsupportsc@pbnec.nl could it be this?
  10. Contact info should be in your manual.
  11. i have mailed packerdbell, no reply so far. i dont think it will support the 960t, so any idea which mobo i should get? im thinking of asrock 970 extreme 3 or 4
  12. For the price they both are good motherboards.
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