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I am new to here and hopefully i am doing this right. I wanted to try to overclock my AMD Phenom x4 9950 Black edition processor and i have an ASUS M3A78 MB. I looked on here before i decided to write a question and i did find a simialr problem but not what i was looking for. My problem is when i go into the BIOS to my CPU Config all the numbers are in gray and i cant seem to change any of them or find out how to or if i can change the settings to overclock the cpu. I can change the voltages but the cpu area is all grey and i am not sure if there is a choice on there that i am not seeing to change that so it can be to change. I cant seem to find a way to put a pic on here of the bios screen for the cpu config....Any help will be appreciated..
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  1. That MB does not appear to be an overclockable board at all.
  2. You might have to select manual somewhere in there instead of auto!
  3. I looked at the MB manual, there is no selection for manual timing.
  4. Page 2-11 chapter 2.4.1 in your manual select CPU configuration and select manual!
  5. I found where to set it thanks...just need the best settings for it...Thanks for the help
  6. Overclocking is to do it in small steps and monitor temps, try increasing the multiplier by 0.5 at a time keeping safe temps.
  7. I already had it it to X15.0 and did not have a problem with the temps at 45 degrees idle max cpu at 54 degrees after gameplay....
  8. That is pretty good just as long as you keep load temps under 60°C!
  9. i am using an ECo Coolit for the job seems to work good....i was hoping to get a little better on the idle temps..
  10. It is really the load that counts!
  11. What is the best way you do for a good thermal compound spread?
  12. I use AS 5 and put a rice size spot in the middle and then squeeze it out with the cooler.
  13. Thats what i did....The warmer the ambient tamp the less cooling you get so the temps will be better on colder days...which is the best water cooled set up to use?
  14. Thanks for the help!!
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