Help me pick out a good Mobo

So im doing a build for my BF, this is going to be his first nicer gaming computer.

Anyways, im looking for a good mobo to go with. I prefer Gigabyte but im not picky. Trying to keep the price under $200, and less if possible.

My builds as of now:
Case: Going for a mid-size ATX case. He hasnt decided on it yet, but dont expect anything too large.
PSU:650W Antec
CPU: i5-2500k [overclocking]
GPU: Gigabyte Radeon 7950 3GB
RAM: [8]2x4 Patriot Gamer Series 2

Storage:500GB 7200RPM
120GB SSD [undecided on both, waiting before i order everything else to see if i can catch some deals]

Heatsink: Xigmatek Dark Knight II
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  1. Hmm, ive heard some varied things about ASRock.
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    Because the asrock is very popular so more people use then more varied problems will be report.

    From the data of "" you can see asrock and gigabyte is top manufacturer, they have the lower return rate but who knows what you get, good one or the bad one. So if you use the gigabyte before then you just pick the one in the link. As long as you take care the update drivers then you should be fine.
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