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I built a new PC yesterday and when I'm trying to boot it goes into BIOS and everything looks fine but it keeps shutting down after a random amount of time. Last night it would last max 5 minutes and this morning it would go on for 20 minutes before the first shut down and then it would go back to shutting down every 1 to 5 minutes or so.

Intel Core i5 2500k
Asus Sabertooth p67
G.SKILL Ripjaws 8GB DDR3-1600
Corsair AX850
Cooler Master Storm Sniper

All those parts are brand new except for the GTX 580 which I used in my old build. I have not the slightest idea what might be causing this, though I managed to figure some things out.

1. I tested each individual 4GB RAM stick in every DIMM slot and figured out slots 1 and 2 don't seem to be working. Though is it possible that faulty RAM would work for a limited time in slot 3 and 4 before shutting down, and that for some reason it just wouldn't boot in 1 and 2?

2. I also noticed that when I use the fan control on the Storm Sniper and set it to minimum the computer almost always shuts down. However I monitored the temps of the CPU and MOBO while the fans are at maximum and neither ever got over 29 C idle. I doubt simply lowering the fan speed at those temps would put the system in a critical state.

3. Everytime it shuts down it usually starts up again then shut down after a very short while. I need to turn the power off on the PSU, wait a while, and then start the computer again to be able to go to the BIOS again for a few minutes.

Having sold my old build I don't have any spare parts or old build to test components individually. Though my guesses would be either a faulty MOBO or PSU.

Thank you :)
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  1. I think the motherboard died. I'll go buy a cheaper one for the time being and test it out.
  2. I bought an ASUS P8P67 LE and it seems to work just fine. Computer isn't restarting anymore. However, I noticed my temps are different, CPU used to be around 28 C in BIOS, now it's around 42 C.

    Also, it doesn't want to boot when I'm using 2 RAM sticks. I doubt I'm so unlucky that I got two faulty mobos in a row. I tested each one individually in every slot and it works just fine. What could cause it to not work when I put two of them?

    For the time being, I'll try to install Windows 7 and find out if it's working just fine.
  3. If you don't push the RAM all the way in it will give you problems, make sure its not just 99% in. Push it firmly into the slot. It needs to be in there completely.

    If you have to pull up the tabs yourself its definitely not in. Even if it locks itself in it might not be in 100%.

    Also, if they are in the same color slot and you are sure they are all the way in, sometimes it helps to take the battery out for 30 min (after taking the power out of the wall, obviously.
  4. I did as you suggested and nothing changed. I will try to get a hold of other sticks and test if I can boot with 2 sticks.
  5. Try the RAM in different slots. You can take one out and leave one in and try it in each of the slots, then change which one is in and try it in each of the slots.
  6. Also, try downloading and running memtest86
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