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Hello, I have a system with
biostar a75 mg mobo
crucial balistix sport 8 gig (2x4 gigs)
amd llano a6-3650 quad core 2.6 Ghz FM1 100W desktop APU
& a COOLER MASTER eXtreme Power Plus RS-550-PCAR-E3 550W ATX12V V2.3 SLI Ready CrossFire Ready Power Supply.

I am currently running the APU alone with no graphics card. The MOBO specs say it supports dual channel graphics. But I am unable to get it to work with 2 monitors. Both work independently just fine. ONLY if they are connected to the VGA slot. I have the current bios installed. The DVI slot seems to not be active. I'm running Windows 7 (SP1 I'm pretty sure(not at my computer ATM)) I have DX11 and all the drivers updated except for one of the realtek audio drivers. But currently audio works fine so I think it may be current as well. I'm having a lot of trouble finding anyone else that has had or has had and has asked about this particular problem. If anyone has been through this, or has an idea of what might be the cause I would very much appreciate it.

Windows 7 doesn't detect anything that I plug into the DVI slot. I know the cable configuration and monitors I am using work because I have used them independently plugged into the vga port on the mobo. I know they work in concert because I used them on my previous system but I was running XP so I'm not sure if that might be the problem.

:( Really can't seem to find any help for this and I will have to wait until the 17th or later for help from biostar because of some Chinese holiday they are observing.
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  1. Issue resolved: motherboard dvi shlot does not support dvi adapters... ugh. Thanks for the views guys....
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