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Hi everyone,

Not sure if this is the place to post this, but here goes

As of last night my computer just shut down without warning. the last thing i was doing, I was in-game (on pause). Anyhow, when I power on the PC, it doesn't turn on. At times if I turn off the power supply switch and turn it back on the system turns on for a brief moment, then powers down again (like as if not enough power is being fed)
So I started to 'dummy' down the system by unplugging devices and left just the ATX connector and the additional CPU 4-pin connector plugged in, but, nothing happens - same problem.
I assumed it was the power supply failing, but I decided to bring my power supply to work and test it on a pc here just to be sure and it works fine. So that rules out the power supply. I haven't tried removing the RAM nor the CPU itself because it was late. So I assume my motherboard is bad.

If it is the case. I was looking at certain motherboards to purchase in the meantime before I decide to upgrade in the future, I also don't want to spend a lot of money. I am in canada and I found a couple reasonable motherboards

Asus Sabertooth x58 for 180$
Gigabyte ga-x58-usb3 for 180$

Here are my specs
ASUS p6t deluxe socket 1366
Intel core i7 920 OC'ed to 3.2
Patriot vipor series ddr3 1333mhz
Corsair tx750watt PSU (4 years old)
Geforce GTX 460 in Sli

Thanks for the help

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  1. Just on and off? No BIOS Beep codes happening? i wouldnt just jump into a new motherboard right away. Try unplugging everything from the motherboard. All external devices, even keyboard and mouse. Unplug internal Hard drive so you have the motherboard, RAM, CPU and video and see if it will turn on.

    Also re-seat the CPU and try your memory modules one at a time. Do you have another older video card to test out?

    Also try to reset the BIOS as if there is a FSB/multiplier setting that its not happy with it could shut itself down as you said its OC'd.

    Do you have a system speaker? If not you should try to locate one to use temporarily. You could power the thing on with the RAM out to see if it will stayed powered on and beep at you. And/or same thing without the CPU in it, and try with CPU and RAM in but no GPU etc etc. So your PSU works but can you try another PSU to power on the system instead of testing your PSU on another system only?

    Just trying to cover all bases as its very possible that its motherboard but just sounds wierd about what its doing.

    Also if motherboard is not grounded properly to the chasis, it will do the same. You could try testing with components outside of the case. Give a few of these a kick and let us know the results
  2. I still say Power Supply, then motherboard. Only way to 100% verify it's not the PSU is to put another PSU in your system and try turning it on(make sure it is similar wattage to your old PSU. Then I would think of replacing the motherboard.

    CPU may also be the cause, but it's a last resort.
  3. Thanks guys for the reply. unfortunately I do not have a speaker to plug in my motherboard to hear a bios beep code, but the system just turns off completely. I'll try and get a speaker from work before I head home and start with more troubleshooting. So far I had everything unplugged except peripherals. But i'll try with cpu out of the socket and test the ram modules. I wish I had another PSU to test. But yes it is very weird. It's like it just lost power. I tested my PSU on a very low level pc from work (an old Dell gx520) which doesnt require much power. But i'll keep posted with more details once I get home..


  4. Ok, so I got the computer to power on. I decided to remove everything (i did leave the CPU because it's a hassle to remove). I cleared the CMOS. Turned the power on and it was alive. I slowly added pieces until all components were plugged in and I was still getting power. I tried each video card seperately in each PCI-E port, but no display. I brought a PCI-E card from work (MSI Radeon 4350) And I still don't get a display. Unfortunately I couldn't get a speaker (din't fit - proprietary Dell crap), but it pretty much concludes its the motherboard. I will try another PSU from a friend tomorrow, but i'm sure i'll still get the same results because a 4350 isn't much to power.

    Any decent motherboards for socket 1366?

    i was looking at the Asus Sabertooth or the Gigabyte-ga-X58-usb3?

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