New Custom Build Won't Turn On

Hello Tom's hardware community,

So I just finished placing and plugging all of the components for my new PC build. is the hardware:

AsRock 970 3extreme MB
AMD Phenom x4 II Black 980 CPU
Corsair 600W PSU (modular)
SataIII 7200 500 GB HDD
2x4 GB RAM
Saphire AMD Radeon 6870 GPU

It won't turn on. I've double checked to see that the case plugs are in the right place, but all i get power wise is my USB cards lighting up when they are plugged in, which means that the MB is getting power yes?

I'm not sure where to start here, and maybe someone could help?

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  1. What exactly do you mean by "won't turn on".

    Do you mean:
    1) No response whatsoever
    2) Turns on and turns back off immediately
    3) Continually restarts

    I am going to assume you mean #1. If not, specify which one you really mean and try to be more clear about things.

    Assuming #1:

    Did you use the standoffs to keep the back of the motherboard from touching the case wall? If you did not, you absolutely must do this or it will never work.

    Did you plug the PSU twice into the motherboard? You absolutely must plug in the big fat power cable as well as the 4 pin square cable into the port near the processor.

    Did you plug the right cable into the CPU processor port? The one that goes in here should be either an 4x2 (8) cable with 4 hanging off the edge or a cable with 2 little 2x2 cords very close together on the same wire. If not, plug the one with 2 square 2 round ones into this port.

    If all those things are as they should be, then take everything back out of the case and put it all on a wooden table. Touch the metal part of the case early and often during this process to get rid of any static charge you might have. You can destroy parts with static shock even if you can't personally feel the shock.

    Plug the PSU twice into the motherboard when it is outside the case and try to turn it on by laying a flat screwdriver across the two pins on the motherboard labeled PWR_BTN.

    Report any responses from the system during these tests.
  2. I know you say you've gone over the plugs etc, but run through this, sections three and four
    let us know any progress/lack thereof
  3. Hey thanks for replies both of you. Raiddinn, I'm sorry I wasn't clear. You were correct in assuming that there was no response whatsoever.

    In response to a few items, I haven't done the tests yet.

    Yes the gold standoffs are in place, with black screws going into the motherboard to set everything in place.

    There is a large plug and a 4 pin square, both are installed. Also, the large plug has a much smaller plug with it that has an arrow facing the large plug, the large plug having an arrow that also points back. These are all in the mother board: The smaller plug near the processor, and the largest just above the end of the video card to the right of the motherboard.

    I'm going to go ahead and try your tests. Thanks. I'll be back when I get through.

  4. Another thing to bear in mind is the labelling on the psu modular connections, make sure they are in the correct sockets (moulding should prevent mix-ups but to be certain :P)
  5. Thanks again.

    So I did a full deconstruction, and found that we had placed in an extra MOBO stand screw. After removing this and adding everything back to the MoBo, PSU, etc.

    Tada! Power.

    But... :( There is nothing coming up on our monitor, which is plugged into the wall and the comp. Tried both the monitor adaptor and an HDMI cable.

    All fans, led's, HDD, SDD, GPU, etc. Have power.

    So why black screen?


  6. make sure your video card is properly pushed onto the motherboard all the way. This happens alot with new custom builds that the screw is not secure and allows the video card to be very loose. If it is pushed in try resetting the memory. Those are really only the 2 simple ways to fix this issue. If not then it might be your mobo..

    Let me know
  7. make sure your video card is properly pushed onto the motherboard all the way. This happens alot with new custom builds that the screw is not secure and allows the video card to be very loose. If it is pushed in try resetting the memory. Those are really only the 2 simple ways to fix this issue. If not then it might be your mobo..

    Let me know
  8. make sure your video card is properly pushed onto the motherboard all the way. This happens alot with new custom builds that the screw is not secure and allows the video card to be very loose. If it is pushed in try resetting the memory. Those are really only the 2 simple ways to fix this issue. If not then it might be your mobo..

    Let me know
  9. Hey,

    Thanks! But I checked and the gpu is secure, and the fan is running on it.

    I pulled out a stick of ram amd only placed one in the A1 slot.


    I read the sticky and none ofnthosenissues seem to apply here.

    Thanks again
  10. Sorry for delay, been busy afk, glad the initial issue is sorted and you have power (lucky, you hopefully haven't killed anything)
    as for the graphic, what kind of monitor is it? vga,dvi, hdmi, my 6950's only work on my vga screen if its connected through a certain port on the card, make sure you have the right connection on there
  11. Its a dell monitor. There is an adaptor that came with the 6870 to fit the normal monitor plug. Also I've tried an hdmi.

    I don't know ifmitsnthe monitor...

    Could the gpu be fried even if iota fan is running?
  12. I'll word it differently, have you tried using all the cards outputs?
    One may work but not another like mine
    and if you could check on a known working monitor that'd help too ofc, no worries if you can't
    the card could be fried even though the fans spinning yes, but I'd rather rule out the possibility of it being a connection issue first before telling you to send the card on an rma ticket
  13. Well I don't have another monitor. O well.

    The monitor works with my laptop and both the blue cable connection amd the hdmi cable...

    I've tried all the ways with the video card connection, any other ideas?

  14. Looking like the card maybe a casualty, play fluffy with the supplier and see if you can return 'as it turned up not working'
  15. Do you have some other video card you could borrow from a different computer you could try in this new computer?

    Any other computers in the house or that a nearby relative owns?
  16. I just grabbed an MSI 6870, plugged it into the mobo and psu...

    No picture on the monitor! Is it the mobo you guys think?

    Fans are working but I'm not getting anynsoundnfrom the 4 pin speaker I bought...
  17. Any other parts laying around that are compatible that you can test?
  18. No, although I'm not sure what you mean.

    I did realize I never flipped the lever on the CPU fan but that didn't do anything either.

    When I plug the adapter into my monitor slot the monitor goes into power saving mode.

    Twice though it has said that the computer is trying to send a connection and I should tap the space bar... Doesn't work.

    What kind of components.. Shouldn't the speaker make a noise?
  19. What I meant was.. You said you just grabbed a 6870 from somewhere and I was wondering if you could also grab something else from wherever you grabbed that.

    Yes, if you have a PC speaker and it is plugged in right then one beep means you have POSTed successfully which doesn't seem to be happening.

    If you have an aftermarket cooler for the CPU try replacing it with the regular one that came with the box if you got one with it.

    It sounds like the problem is the processor or the motherboard at this moment.

    You might try checking the CPU to see if there are any bent pins too.
  20. True. I bought another gpu and am returning the first one. I had an extra power supply (530w) and tried that.

    Took the motherboard out and pulled the fan off (which detatched the paste) and checked the chip. No bent pins. Reinstalled connected all the power with the psu, gpu, and switches. Powered up again, but still no post.

    I think it's either the mobo or the connection to the monitor... Would an hdmi work ok or just the regular monitor adapter.

    I thank you again so much for your help, further insight would be great!

  21. Oh, and the fan is stock.

    It's gotta be the mobo...
  22. Can you examine the mobo, the back where you had the extra standoff? it may have signs of shorting out, burnmarks etc, but its looking like that it whats happened, the mobo is an ex-mobo,
  23. son of a gun, i hope it didnt short all of the components. based on what i described earlier, do you think that i may have shorted the CPU as well.

    damn cat.
  24. A short just means that power is flowing in the wrong direction. Something is making the power take a shorter route to where it wants to go than it is supposed to take.

    That would mean, for example, that power intended for the CPU instead went right into the case.

    In my experience, it is pretty difficult to damage a motherboard by a temporary short.

    If the motherboard had to bend in an area due to the extra standoff that could have damaged it, but even then it should be pretty unlikely.

    Pretty much every short can be fixed just by removing the metal that is touching the other metal in an unintended way.

    Unless there is another one touching in some unintended way then you should be fine.

    Not that it isn't possible, but the likelihood seems pretty remote.

    For completeness sake, what was the maker/model/age of the 530w psu you tried?

    Also, maybe it is a stupid question for me to ask, but you are plugging the monitor into the video card and not any slots that may or may not be on the motherboard, right?
  25. I already scoped the extreme3 out Raid, no onboard socket for gfx
  26. Guys,

    Thanks again for helping me with this. The psu is a rose well and the other is a corsair. Not sure the exact specs on them. The former is a 530 and the latter a 600.

    Ya the mobo has no video input, so that can't happen.

    I guess I'm worried that although power is going to the fans, something isn't adding up...what is odd is that when I plug the adapter into the monitor plug the monitor goes into "sleep mode" which makes me think that the monitor. Ant handle the juice from the gpu? Shouldn't the monitor just wait to be plugged in when I add the adapter to make any choices about how sleepy it is?

    what I meant by short is fried I guess. Is it possible that everything could "turn on" ie if I also plug in the hdd, the ssd, and the dvdrw then they all get power from both psu's. I mean if the mobo was fried would this happen?

    One last question, I switched the direction the fan was mounted because I thought it might make a difference ( I'm talking the CPU here) i placed in bout ways and flipped the arm to lock it in but neither way works....

    I dont think it's a power switch, led switch etc. problem... I just can't figure it out!!!

    I know pretty well how to do this now that I've been working on this a couple of days, can't figure why it refuses to give me a display. I've tried changing the ram sticks in all the aforementioned setups...still nothing.


  27. Best answer
    It almost certainly is not a monitor problem.

    Monitors can detect when they are plugged into something that is turned off.

    This is why you turn a computer off and the monitor goes into sleep mode automatically.

    Usually it is a hardware failure in one of the core components that causes this.

    Sounds like a bad PSU, Motherboard, CPU, RAM, or Video Card.

    Hard to tell at this point without being able to replace parts with good ones.

    Do you have any capability to do that?
  28. Best answer selected by camelpolo.
  29. Hey again fellas,

    Thanks so much for the help. Turns out it was the Mobo.

    I bought a new one and a processor (in case it was also failing) and then replaced the motherboard first.

    First time i powered it up Bam! POST. Hurray!

    Loaded windows and now I'm enjoying the beauty of this great gfx card and power of my processor. You really helped me narrow down the problems, so i appreciate it.

    Cheers to you.

  30. Glad you got sorted, check that original chip and you may find theres nothing wrong with it, back on ebay to recoup a little of your cost
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