First time pc build - hoping to buy today - help would be appriciated

Ok im at the point where finally i want to purchase my video editing and gaming pc (mainly for gaming - just youtube cod editing). This is my build so far:(this was the cheapest i could get the price to, that im aware of)


CPU : I5 2500k (£315 /w Motherboard)
Mobo : Asus P8Z68-V PRO
OS : Windows 7 OEM - £75
Graphics : Asus gtx 560 Ti - £168 (if i were to get a step-up to this what is best- Max £220)
DVD/RW - Sony 24x DVD-RW SATA Black Bare Internal Drive - £14
Ram - 8gb corsair vengeance - £33

Total : £605 (but -£40 for sale offer - spending over £599)
Revised total : £565


Case - HAF 912 - £63
CPU cooler - ? any suggestions
HDD - around £95, im not sure whats the cheapest and best value 1tb hard drive at the moment.

PSU has already been brought its the 650w new antec truepower modular psu

Rough overall total - PSU and CPU cooler - £723

Any help on my build would be greatly appricated. Also are all these components compatible? Many thanks Reece
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