I really need advice on this..

I'm using a gtx 460 se with i3-550 running at 1920x1080 res right now.
i wanted to upgrade that 460 se to a gtx 570. Will that cpu bottleneck the 570? and is it really worth it from upgrading to a 570? i'm playing bf3 btw and i can only get 30 fps on medium setting that's why im trying to upgrade my gpu. Thanks guy
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  1. Your I3 should be fine with the GTX570 but have you consider the GTX560Ti for less money which would perform well as well.
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    What power supply do you have?

    From the benchmarks I've been reading BF3 does like lots of cores.That means you need at least a quad core to be able to produce good fps without bogging down the CPU.But it also seems the game is more dependant on GPU power than CPU.

    As you can see here clock speed isn't much of an issue as long as the CPU is at least a quad core.

    I suggest upgrading both the CPU and GPU if you can.But if you can only upgrade one or the other you would see much more of a performance improvement if you upgraded the GPU.
  3. thanks for the advice. but from what i read about , its not worth it upgrading from a gtx 460 to gtx 560ti so i might go for a gtx 570 is the card:

    btw i had a hd 6950 1gb but i returned it so i could upgrade to a better single card. running bf3 around 60 fps on high preset setting. How much fps will i get if i ugprade to a 570

    @purple stank: 700w psu and i only have 350 dollars on my budget so i will just upgrade one for now.
  4. The GTX570 is the best bang for your buck with BF3.You need all the GPU power you can get.

    If you looks at this review you get roughly a 7fps increase with a GTX570 over a 6950.

    Really the only way your going to get close to maxing out this game would be with a SLI setup.Going for a GTX560ti now and then getting another later would be a very good idea.
  5. thanks for the advice. i might get the 570 and see how it goes. i'm low on budget so i dont want to go sli as i will have upgrade my pc parts.
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