SLI with different brands?

So it appears as though the ASUS GTX480 Fermi is no longer produced, I was planning to SLI but now I can't find a second card.

This is the card I have now can someone link me a card that I can SLI with it? I looked on newegg and I've skimmed through ebay looking for the same card but the one that I found is a different brand and still costs 400$.

Also, a friend of mine is looking to do SLI as well but he can't find a match to his card either. He says this is similar to his card, same brand, GTX570 but his only has one fan on it instead of two. Does anyone know if this is compatible with this GTX570?

He's waiting for a price drop and the latter card is no longer available where he buys from.
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  1. the 570 is a different question, I wasn't implying that I wanted to use a 480 and 570 together.
  2. No worries.

    Any idea where I can get a GTX480 for less than 400$?
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