Which one of these budget PSUs?

I would like some help picking a budget psu for my new pc. The parts so far:

ram 2x4GB kit
gtx 560 ti or hd 6950, not decided yet
sandisk extreme 120gb ssd
2 sata + 1 usb hdd
1 additional device powered by usb
mobo not picked yet

According to the wattage calculator on outervision I need at least 400W. Although I won't do any overclocking, I wouldn't want a unit with less than 500W output. 80 plus, overload protection and relatively low noise levels are a consideration, I don't care about aesthetics or modularity. Here are the main candidates so far that fit the budget:

xfx core 550w pro
cooler master gx 550w
ocz zs 550w

While I also had my eye on a silverstone strider stf50f, availability is very limited in my country and ordering from abroad adds too much extra costs to be worthwhile. For the same reason I can't consider any Rosewill units. The corsair cx series 500w PSU would fit into the budget, is readily available and is recommended on this forum but I heard a lot of negative feedback about units dying within months and too much noise even when it is turned off. That, and according to reviews all official values were taken at 30 degrees celsius so they can't even produce their nominal wattage in a computer case.

I have read several reviews on tomshardware / anandtech / jonnyguru / hardwaresecrets, but frankly I am none the wiser. I don't follow PSU developments, all I want is a good enough unit every 4 or so years when I upgrade my pc, but with so many to choose from the task has become daunting. If none of my picks are any good, please name better alternatives in the same price category. Thanks!
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  1. XFX Core 550W or the OCZ ZS 550W...I would personally go with the XFX - great unit.
  2. XFX it is then, thank you!
  3. You're welcome!
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