Just upgraded processor can ram be holding it back ?

Upgraded from a AMD athlon 64 fx x2 4200 + to a 6000 + and got a slight increase in performance not as much as i had hoped being a 1.6ghz increase in CPU power.

I checked speccy & my ram is running at 200.9-376 mhz there are big drop spikes for some reason. If I upgrade my 2 ddr2 2gb 400mhz slots to 800mhz ram would that help at all ?

my processor says the following for bus :

Bus Speed 200.9 MHz
Rated Bus Speed 1004.6 MHz

I have been looking around & read about ram holding the processor back, So I came on here to ask people who know better.

Only games I play are The war Z & Arma II / Day Z mod
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