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I've been getting a lot of frequent lag and buzzs from my new built gaming rig. It would lag everytime im listening to music, playing games or watching videos (even on Youtube). First i would like to point out that this isn't an internet issues because the problems persists even when running an application thats not on internet. When it lags, the mouse lags as does the screen, until the 1-2 seconds, then everything is returned to normal. I've been monitoring each lag and noticed that System Interrupts in the one who causes the CPU spike. Next after looking at more forums, they asid to check the DPS Latency. I am currently running that rihg tnow and the most dominant in Highest Execution are the following drivers: ataport.sys, hal.dll and ndis.sys (all over 12ms). How do you exactly fix this problem and/or delete these drivers? are they crucial to the system? Thanks in advance!
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  1. Hi.
    First, go to my comment here which is still relevent to you:

    Further troubleshooting:
    This sounds a lot like a RAM issue which could be caused by:
    1) bad RAM
    2) incorrectly seated RAM
    3) incorrect BIOS profile (requiring BIOS update)

    *Try MEMTEST, updating the BIOS, drivers etc and if you're still stuck we'll proceed from there.
  2. ok, im sure drivers are updated, and ram is correctly put on. For memtest do you have to burn it to a disc or something?
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