GTX560 ti mdt x5, multi display out of one card?

Anybody have one of these GTX560 ti mdt x5. I thought Geforce didnt offer multi display out of one card?
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  1. Nvidia doesn't, Galaxy does. Similar to how Sapphire made the "flex" cards that didn't need a DP to DVI adapter, Galaxy made this card. HardOCP did a review of it if your wondering how it performs.
  2. Because I dont think they have one that you can set up with just one card. You need two, unlike Radeon cards. Heres the HardOCP review mentioned above.. Thanks
  3. Quote:
    No i meant why do multi monitor on a 560 and not a 570 or 580 considering they hold much more horsepower.
    Shoddy work from sparkle IMO as it is a waste of money.
    You will need at least 2 GTX 560Ti for this task but the damn memory is bottlenecking it already....

    Price is also VERY high, for that price you could get 2 cards that could output a good amount of moniters.
  4. I have 800 bucks ready to spend and I just dont know what to get.. UGHHH>..
  5. 570 sli or if you can find 580's for cheap, you can get them in sli.
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