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My girlfriend has a Dell XPS 7100 which came with I believe a Radeon 4200 card. The back of the computer has an HDMI out which we connected to our TV to be able to watch Netflix. This is in addition to the DVI out to the monitor.

I ended up installing my old Radeon HD 4870 card into her computer. I don't know much about computers, but the new card went into the PCIE 16 slot (which was empty). So I assume the 4200 is considered onboard graphics, as there was no card in the slot. The CPU is AMD as well.

The new card works great, but now the HDMI out port is not recognized from the old card. I assume it gets automatically disabled when a new card fills up the empty slot? The 4870 only has 2 DVI outs, one of which goes to her monitor, and the other one to the TV, using an HDMI to DVI adapter.

Now the video transferred to the TV works fine, but the TV gets no sound from the computer. And a dialogue box popped up once saying that a separate audio cable must be used. Which I don't really think is an option.

So, is there any way to somehow get the old HDMI port recognized and still use the new card, or are they mutually exclusive? Or is there another way to get sound to the TV from the computer. The computer has speakers connected as well and every time we switched the output to the TV from the monitor, we would change the default device in the sound options. I.E. computer speakers when using monitor and TV speakers when using TV.

Any help is appreciated.

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  1. Have you changed the playback devices in windows audio controlls?
  2. Yes. With the built in card, every time we switched output from the monitor to the TV, we would change the default device in the Windows audio playback tab.

    Now, when the HDMI cable is attached to the DVI out on the new card, we only get video, no sound on the TV. But still have sound on computer speakers. There is an audio option of "ATI DP Output", but it shows as disconnected, so can't be changed to default device.

    When the cable is plugged into the onboard card's HDMI out, there is no video to the TV, and sound remains only on the computer. So I'm guessing the onboard card's HDMI output is disabled with the new card in the slot. So is it possible to somehow get both the HDMI of the onboard card, and the DVI of the new card working?
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