Asus IPIBL-LB Problems ?

Hoping somebody here has this board and can help me from experience. As i can't get it to post. I have tried 4 different CPUs ( Core 2 Duo E6550, Pentium Dual Core E2200, Pentium D 915, and Celeron D 331 ) But when i press the power button the Fans spin up at max RPM but the screen reamins black no beeps or anything. So i tried 5 different RAM sticks still to no prevail. So i tired a RAM stick i knew that was bad to see what would happen and i powered it on and i got 2 long beeps then shutdown. I have even tried 2 different GPUs. 3 PSUs but nothing is working. Can somebody please shed some light on this and help me as i don't know what else to try.

Update: got a replacement but the same thing just Black screen with 1 short beep and 1 long beep and i even got some new ram to no prevail
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  1. So last thing is the a bad motherboard?
  2. Azn Cracker said:
    So last thing is the a bad motherboard?

    but this is the second board i have gotten and the same thing
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