Trouble running DVI video and HDMI audio out of 6950

Twin frozr iii 6950 2gb X2
Asus VG236 Monitor
Windows 7
MSI P67A-G43 Motherboard
Yamaha RX-V371 Receiver

I have two Twin Frozr iii 2gb 6950 cards and am attempting to use the HDMI on the video card solely for 5.1 audio out to my receiver while using video through the DVI jack of the same card directly to my monitor without success.

-Audio functions if I run the HDMI from the card into my receiver, then out to my Asus VG236 monitor.
-Audio functions when I run from the card to my receiver then out to my plasma tv.
-Audio functions if I have the DVI run directly to the Asus VG236 monitor and HDMI to the receiver then plasma tv (only in dual display and the tv must be on for audio to function this way. If I turn the tv off even though the receiver is still on the audio stops working and windows sound lists the 'AMD HDMI Output' as not plugged in).
-Audio even fuctions when I run DVI to the monitor and HDMI to the receiver, then out to the HDMI port on the same monitor but the monitor will only run at 60hz this way even when DVI is selected on the monitor, as though it defaults to the HDMI.

However, if i run the hdmi to the receiver "HDMI IN" port without using the "HDMI OUT" port from the receiver to anything, like my tv or monitor, the sound doesn't work and in windows sound the "AMD HDMI Output" is listed as "not plugged in" .

I purchased this monitor for the true 120hz capabilities, the HDMI on this monitor doesn't support 120hz, the maximum is 60hz. DVI is required to run at 120hz. I don't see any option in windows sound settings or CCC to resolve this.

I have also tried disabling onboard audio in BIOS with no effect.

For now i'm running the audio out my MOBO jack through an optical cable to the receiver but optical only supports 2.1 sound.

Any suggestions you can offer would be appreciated, as I'll either have to get a soundcard (may not even have room on this MOBO with Crossfire going) or a new MOBO with a HDMI out cable for 5.1 sound. Thank you.
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  1. With this motherboard I will have millimeters of space between the video card exhaust and a soundcard, assuming it will even fit. Currently I have a PCI exhaust fan installed where a soundcard would go, as the card was running hot even with 9 case fans (working fine now).

    If you or anyone know for certain it isn't possible to run HDMI audio and DVI video for a single display, I'll get a computer speaker system to plug directly into the motherboard, though i would prefer to disable onboard audio and use my home theater system with the HDMI.
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