New GPU and PSU, computer crashing

For the new upcoming games this year, i've decided to upgrade my graphics card. The card i got needed a little more power than my current psu could handle so I got a new one of those to.

Heres my card:


After receiving these and installing them, I was amazed by the performance boost that this card gave me. But now I am getting random computer crashes that require a hard restart to get out of :(

Sometimes it happens within 30 minutes of the computer being on, and other times I have run BF3 on ultra for ~6 hours with no crash. Yet funny enough, after exiting the game about 10 minutes later i got the same crash. What happens is the screen just goes black or grey/white bars. The computer still seems to be running, music will still play(sometimes) and i can still talk on skype int he middle of it. But it requires a hard restart to get out of. I've determined it is not a temperature problem at all, but possibly power. I can't isolate the problem, I want to say that its the PSU, send it back and get a diff one, but I will be severely pissed if that does not fix it.

Any ideas on what the issue might be?

P.S. Also im currently running the new PSU with my old graphics card (a geforce 250 gts). All i have to do is wait and see if it will crash to know if it may be the psu or not. =/ halp
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  1. could also be a driver problem on the software side.
  2. Sometimes when Windows detects that there is a hardware problem with the video card it will shut it off and that's why you can still here whats going on and it's actually that windows is still on but no display. When you start it back up is everything normal display wise. I'm guessing you do have the most current drivers installed ? (11.10) What you can try is to uninstall the card and the drivers and then reinstall the card with the instillation cd and then update the drivers.
  3. If you end up sending the psu back then try to get a 600w to be safe. I know the video card only requires a 500w but it's better to have too much than not enough.

    Antec NEO ECO 620C 620W Continuous Power ATX12V v2.3 / EPS12V 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC Power Supply $69.99 and currently a $20 rebate and free shipping.
  4. I don't think u need a new PSU. Ur VGA don't require more than 13A in 12V rails, ur Psu can deliver a maximum of 37A
  5. If it may be windows detecting a problem with the card, why does it happen at totally random times no matter how much stress the computer is under? It may happen just sitting on teh desktop, or in the middle of a graphically intense game.

    Also i did have the 11.9 drivers installed, i will try reinstalling the card, using the cd drivers, and then updating to 11.10.

    Thank you for all the feedback, i'm really hoping to solve the problem before my 30 return policy runs out. If i do end up going for a new power supply, i will go higher wattage. I just really dont want to send the card back :(
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