Looking to upgrade Dell Dimension 3000; need advice


I’m looking to upgrade my Dell Dimension 3000. Current stats are thus:

Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.8 GHz
2.79 GHz, 768 MB RAM

I know I need a new video card, and I know I’ll need a new motherboard for the new videocard. I’m also reasonably certain I’m going to need a new processor. I already have RAM to put in it, as well as a power supply. I’m going to be using it for gaming and graphics editing (Photoshop etc…) if that makes a difference. These are the parts I’m looking at now:

Processor: This one and this one are the top contenders. The AM3+ has better stats as far as I can tell, but roughly half the comments in the feedback complain it’s slower than the Phenom II. Either of them is likely to be more powerful than my current rig, so my question is, is the Phenom II worth the extra $30? Or have the problems with the AM3+ been patched?

Motherboards: I’m having trouble narrowing these down. I know I want it to be Crossfire and/or SLI compatible for future upgrades, and I want it to be compatible with the processor I end up putting in it. I’ve narrowed it down to nine: List part 1 List part 2

Graphics card: One or the other of these two.

I would also like to ask, am I likely to have any compatibility issues with any of the above?
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    Serious advice, not just poking. There is nothing you want from that P3 2.8. Start from scratch with a new build. Give the old machine away, sell it, whatever. (Unless you really like the case/psu).

    Post over in the new build forum saying you want an AMD build and give the price range. Fill in the sheet they give you to explain how the system will be used (so they don't build a noisy gaming system for a home theater user or visa versa).

    Good Luck.
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