ATI Hd4650 graphical glitches

ANY ONE FIX THIS???????i ASsassins creed brotherhood
also GTA IV had a glitch like this
any one fix this problem?
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  1. turn VSync and anti aliasing on
  2. hello thanks for reply
    i turn it on vsync and anti aliasing on
    same problem
    i think its the video card the problem?
    my computer set is new i bought it last month
    also the video card
    i dont overclock i dont make changes on my pc only the settings on the game
    hmmmmmm need help from this
  3. and by the way it runs smoothly but the problem is that annoying lines textures it has a shadow also
    i play call of duty modernwarfare 2 and it has the same problem it make me killed from the enemies because i cant see them the lines covers my visual
    sorry for my english
    hope any one understand me and help me fix this problem
    thanks by the way NNA2
  4. you could try installing the drivers for your graphics card... if you have catalyst control centre, all of the game settings turn them to application settings
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