Bent Pins Problem.

So I got a Biostar Tz77mxe lga 1155 motherboard a few days ago. Due to a mistake by me, I accidentally bent a few pins. After spending a few hours trying to bend them back using a sewing needle, they look pretty straight. That is when you look from the very top. The pins that were bent now sit higher then the ones that were not bent. Is this a big problem and could this pose a threat to my cpu? I am mostly worried that because some of the pins are higher than others, the cpu will have one side slightly elevated than the other, thus the cpu contacts not touching all the mobo pins. Is there any way to fix this? Is this a serious problem?
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  1. As long as none of the socket's 1,155 contacts (pins) are bent crooked so that they would touch an adjacent contact when the CPU is pressed down on them, it should be OK. Closing the pressure plate will force the highest contacts back down to where they should be. Here is a pic of what the socket contacts should look like, as well as a pic of the pads on the cpu:
    (keep clicking on the pic until it is at its max size.)

    If you think I may have I've misunderstood your issue, please post a pic of your socket.
  2. You could also hope that its just a back up pin if it breaks
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