What do you think about xeon x5650 and E5-2620 E5-2650


i need some help with picking one of those:
2x X5650 on evga sr-II
2x E5-2620 on evga sr-x
2x E5-2650 on evga sr-x

i need it for some cad and 3d work.
any one have any banchmarks?
how good are they with overclocking?
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  1. 1st- The Intel Xeon family are dedicated for servers
    2nd- For 3D modeling I recommend you a i5 or a AMD Phenom
    3rd- Xeon is not for overclocking (personal XP)
    4th- It costs a lot of money

    Im not a AMD fan. But this is not the processor you need and AMD wins Intel in multimedia.

    Benchmark 7648 - Intel Xeon X5650
  2. SR-X, the new xeons are not overclockable. However they will give much more performance than the previous xeons even when they are overclocked.
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