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990FX vs 970

Buying a new motherboard and was interested in the ASRock EXTREME3.
There is a $95 one that has the 970 chipset and a 120 one that has the 990FX chipset. Running on windows 7 1600x900 with AMD 6300 6 core 3.5GHz (4.1GHz turbo) cpu
990FX: (10% off promo code so only 108 for 970FX)
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    The 990FX board has a better set of features.

    Two questions, will you ever be overclocking? and, do you ever plan to run SLI or Crossfire?
    If yes to either question go with the 990FX board, if no to both questions the 970 board will be fine.
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  3. But msi 970A-G46 also have SLI and crossfire support .
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