Moving my computer to a New case.

Hey guys.
ive been visiting this site for ages, and its awesome.
i just wanna ask any experts or experienced people here about what im doing.

would i be able to fit this.
(My PC)

TO this case

and if so, how can i move the power on button and the USB ports in front?
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    the buttons and usb ports will have trailing leads inside the new case, you just plug them in where they are intended to go.
    if you are intending to further upgrade the GPU for instance you will need a new power supply, the H61 mobo will also limit any Overclocking ideas you might have.
  2. isnt the 500 PSU enough, the case comes with it.
    for example GTx 560?

    and with the USB ports, is it the same for the Jacks and Power On button?
  3. 500 with the new case? make and model, if you can dig it out, if not then don't trust it, get to choosing your own psu's as early as you can in your pc building career.
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