Mini Itx build


This will be my first build with my budget around £500.
Already have monitor, mouse, keyboard etc.

Please tell me what you think of this:

Antec 300 150 with 150w psu

Intel Core i3 2100T 2.5GHz

Asrock Z68M-ITX/HT

Windows 7 Home Premium 64

Kingston or Corsair 4GB. 2x 2GB DDR3 1333Mhz

OCZ Vertex Plus 120GB SSD or similar

Sony Slimline Blu-ray Internal Optical Drive

If I've missed anything please let me know. Thanks
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  1. Looks good. Just get the lowest end ram they have. You don't need any heat spreaders or such fancy stuff. Gskill is good ram too and may be a better deal right now.

    I was unaware they had z68 mini ITX yet. thanks for the heads up!
  2. I agree intel processors can go faster than AMD however that is only if you get top of the line. for budget PCs AMD is the way to go. I'd recommend a fusion mobo with an f1 processor. Cheaper solution and you get better graphics built in. Sorry if this was too late for your build.
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