Hd6990 worth buying

My questions are is the hd 6990 worth buying now or should i wait 6 months and see how much the price drops.
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  1. It is not worth buying if you compare it price wise to 2 x HD6950!
  2. yea but doesnt the 6990 run better
  3. No! But if you have a limit on slots then it is the obvious choice for a price premium!
  4. If you're going to wait 6 months, buy the next gen.
  5. i have two slots thats why i was thinking one hd 6990 just incase i need to do another upgrade on the video card and add a 6970 but if i wont have to upgrade for another 3-4 years with the dual 6950 solution then i guess that would be a good choice but if not wouldnt it be better to go for the 6990
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    When you need to add another HD6990 is two generations down the line and you will just get the new fancy card with all the new tech.
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  8. i agree 100% but one more question i was planning on getting dual samsung P2770H monitors or would it be fine to buy one and use my hp2009m and use them in dual mode
  9. They do not have to be the same.
  10. Buy a 6950, wait 6 months, replace it with 2 6990s for 1/4 of the price.
  11. Awesome thanks alot
  12. hiimnick i already have a hd 5770 wouldnt it be a waste of two video cards if i get one 6950 then wait to get the 6990s
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